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shoppers. black friday kicks off earlier than ever as people wait in line for hours to cash in on all the door busting sales. and will the holiday season be naughty or nice for job seekers? who is hiring and where the best paying jobs can still be found. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. it's friday, november 23. welcome to msnbc live. developing now the ceasefire between israel and hamas may have been broken. palestinian medical services say a man was killed by israeli forces on the gaza side of the border. israeli government spokesman mark regev told me an hour ago they are still looking into the incident. they have not confirmed that it happened, but this all comes after a day and a half of calm in the region following those eight days of rocket and missile attacks which left nearly 170 dead. we have reporters on both sides of the conflict and we begin with nbc news' ayman my
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yell d mohyeldin. >> reporter: palestinian factions and medical sources are not making any doubt as to who is responsible for this violation of the ceasefire. the israeli military says it may not have confirmed it killed anyone but no doubt after speaking to the family of the victim as well as the sources here on the ground there has been one person killed as a result of that attack. now according to palestinians, this was in their eyes their right to go to the territory which is a no go zone between israel and the gaza border, an area that is a popular farm area. a lot of people have farmlands in the area. for them they normally go out there. israel has impose that had no go zone where they don't allow palestinians to enter. there was some misunderstanding from the perspective of palestinians who thought that after the truce they would be allowed to go back there in an area considered gaza territory. as they approached the fence, the israeli military opened fire on them and that's what led to the killing of this individual, a 23-year-old man, as well as injuring at least ten more.
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palestinian factions are describing it as a violation of the ceasefire. they will send a written complaint to the government. they are citing it as an example as to why israel should not be trusted when it comes to anything involving gaza and its commitments to the people here. alex? >> may i ask you quickly have there been any inspections of the fence, the area around which the shooting allegedly happened? the idf has said that people were trying to, you know, scale the fence and doing damage to the fence. has that been confirmed? >> reporter: well, to be honest with you, it has not been confirmed and palestinians have not said that took place. from the perspective of the palestinians, they told us they were going out to their farmland and as they approached the fence, that's when they came under attack. there was no mention of them attempting to breach the fence or attack the soldiers on the israeli side. for journalists, we're not even allowed to enter that area.
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we would be exposed to the threat of israelis who maintain a very strict no go zone area. palestinians thought they could do it and certainly that's what led to the incident today. >> okay. ayman mohyeldin, thank you for that. special correspondent martin fletcher, martin, with a good day to you, to the israeli forces and what they're saying about the charges that they broke the ceasefire. what's from them? >> reporter: well, the israelis, as mark regev said, they are investigating. in these situations there's a shooting, somebody gets killed and then each side is very quick to put their spin on the story and ayman told you what the palestinians are saying. all i can add to what ayman said is reuters, the reuters news agency, the palestinian reporter for reuters said he spoke to a palestinian relative of the dead man at the scene at the time. and he said the dead man approached the fence, tried to put a hamas flag on the fence, was warned.
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the israeli fired warning shots into the air three times and then shot the man in the head. so i think it's pretty claer that we need to wait and see what really happened. the palestinian relative of the dead man who says he was at the scene at the time seems a convincing witness. we'll have to wait and see whether or not this is considered in the end to be a violation of the ceasefire or not because, of course, the ceasefire is all about missiles and airplanes and rockets. there are incidents along the fence all the time. to put this one incident in the framework of breaking the ceasefire is giving more importance 0 than it really has, bad as it is to kill a guy in the head for putting a flag on the fence, if that's what happened. >> okay, martin fletcher, thank you very much for that very straightforward report. i appreciate that. for more now, let me bring in diana butu, former legal advise for the palestinian liberation organization who played a key role in past negotiations. diana, welcome. thank you for being here. let's talk first to start off
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with these reports from the palestinian source that is a man was killed, ten others shot in gaza but the israeli forces. the israeli government spokesman mark regev told me they are still looking into the incident but if the allegations are correct, do you consider it a violation of the ceasefire and, keep in mind what martin fletcher just told us. these kinds of skirmishes along the border happen all the time and to give a lot of weight to one incident, might that damage the ceasefire? >> well, absolutely this is a violation of the ceasefire but, more importantly, it's surprising to me the palestinians are somehow being asked to excuse israel's behavior or let israel off the hook because this happens all the time. the fact of the matter is this does happen all the time and that israel needs to be held accountable not only for the rockets that it fires at gaza. not only from the aerial bombardment but the fact that it
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continues to declare parts of gaza off limits and ends up shooting palestinians who even simply try 0 to get to their land. this is where international involvement is absolutely key and this is why unless we get the international community involved to hold israel accountable, we aren't going to see progress anytime soon. >> diana, can you clear up for me what are the rules around this no-go zone? and would it be reasonable to expect that once there was a ceasefire in place these farmers would be able to travel through that area to get to their farmlands? >> most certainly. the way that the no go zone works israel declares an area off-limits to palestinians. there's no palestinian input as to why this area is off limits. there's nobody else informed as to what the area actually is and there have been lots of incidents in which palestinians don't know that they're in the no-go zone and israel goes ahead and shoots and kills them. again, this is why there needs to be international involvement.
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in terms of how this whole process takes place, it's very -- it's not transparent at all and it's certainly not within israel's right to be able to declare parts of territory that doesn't belong to it off limits to palestinians. this is why palestinians end up routinely going to these areas because they don't know that these are areas that israel has declared as no go zones and, moreover, it's because it is still their land. >> and what you're saying makes absolute sense. i'm curious because you're in the west bank. are you at all concerned that palestinian president abbas did not play a bigger role in the conflict and the ceasefire? >> well, i believe that what we need to now do is we need to start beginning to rebuild as palestinians and we need to move forward. the problem has been so far that there is tl has been a lot of international influence in terms of trying to ensure that there is no stability and there is separation between the bl palestinian factions.
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we saw this with the united states. the united states has always maintained that they don't want to talk to hamas but if you ignore hamas and you are ignoring a very substantial portion of the palestinian population and you can't do that in order to move peace forward, in order to try to work this situation out. israel cannot simply will away hamas and neither can the united states. we've seen the roll mohamed morsi played in actually trying to broker this makes all of the logic in the world that we should be trying to foster communication between all of the sides and not ignore one party over the other. >> diana, how challenging is it for hamas to put under its tent, under its umbrella, if you will, splinter groups, offshoots, factions that they necessarily don't have control over? is that where a lot of the problem lies? >> no. the problem largely lies in the fact that there have been competing strategies in terms of how to address israel's occupation.
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on the one hand abbas said we are only going to pursue negotiations and we've seen those have failed and other sides who have said that clearly the negotiations aren't working. clearly the negotiations have failed and, therefore, we have to pursue another strategy of defending ourselves. now in order for this to move forward, for us as palestinians to be able to move forward and to get this, to actually begin to hold israel accountable, there has to be a unified strategy and all palestinians have come forward and said that they want to have that unified strategy. the main question now remains as to whether the international community is going to hold israel accountable. the problem so far has been because of the lack of unity, the international community has said that they're not going to get involved and that shouldn't be an excuse. that should be the reason to get involved. >> diana, we've been keeping an eye where many have gathered and the reason for the gathering is protesting the fact egyptian president mohamed morsi we see now live addressing those
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prote protesters has called for an expansion of his powers there. what will it mean for the palestinians? you saw how he did help to broker the ceasefire. >> the egyptians have played a role in trying to bring the palestinian factions together and to try to come up with some sort of reconciliation between all of the different sides, and i think that they will continue to play that role. the bigger problem is that this occupation is not egypt's fault. it is israel's fault. and it's unreasonable to expect egypt or turkey or any other country to put pressure on palestinians. what should be done instead is quite the opposite. the united states is the largest funder of israel. the united states gives $3 billion a year in u.s. taxpayer money to israel in addition to weapons, in addition to political support. if we're going to be serious about moving forward, the role
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has to come from the united states, pressure from the united states. it's not enough to demand that it come from egypt. >> diana buttu, many thanks for your time. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. back in the u.s., get ou of the way because black friday is here. people spend long hours in line to score major deals this morning. >> it's affordable right now even if you have to be out here for two days to get it. >> it saves a lot of money like a few hundred dollars. >> cnbc's courtney reagan is in dayton, ohio. how is it going so far out there? >> reporter: you know, so far it looks pretty good out here, alex. this mall in particular about did open at midnight. they saw a lot of traffic in the beginning. a lull after the people got what they wanted with the door busters. it's really picking up again here right now and you would never know that it's so early in the morning. it feels like the middle of the day on a saturday. from what i'm hearing from analysts around the country doing channel checks at various
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retailers, traffic is good. maybe not great. maybe not as good as what we saw last year, and that was expected. the national retail federation expected 147 million shoppers over the course of the weekend. that's down from what we had seen in jeers past. sales are supposed to be up. a lot of that has to do with online commerce. many of these door busters are being offered onis line. so consumers can shop from their couch and not necessarily have to get up in the morning and come to the stores today or even go last night because a lot of the stores started to open on thanksgiving and i do want to note because walmart put out pretty incredible numbers, walmart said between the hours of 8:00 and midnight, they served 22 million customers. so during that time period, 10 million transactions and more than 5,000 items per second. that's incredible. so you know that people are shopping. when it comes to christmas, it's the one area that consumers don't necessarily hold back on when in other parts of their
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life they are holding back. we know the economy is still so somewhat sluggish. when we talked to shoppers here, they say it's christmas. what are you going to do? >> i tell you, that puts to rest all of us who thought, well, maybe people don't want to show up on thanksgiving. not if you're going to walmart. courtney, thank you so much, it there in dayton, ohio, appreciate it. up next, our political power panel weighs in on the tough road ahead for fiscal cliff negotiations. and still ahead, the great holiday escape. tracking the best deals and discounts for your getaways. is it better to be the early bird...or the earliest bird? on black friday, it doesn't matter, as long as we end up here at 5 a.m., or at, starting thursday. where prices have been cut, chopped, and sanded... on the most powerful tools that cut. ...chop... ...and sand. so we, or somebody on our list, can do the same. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. the early bird gets a special buy on a ryobi two-piece lithium-ion kit, just $99.
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it may be quiet in washington but the clock is ticking. lawmakers have just five weeks to get a deal to stop us from going over the fiscal cliff. i want to bring in msnbc contributor robert traynham and
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a democratic strategist. hi, guys. good to see you. happy day after. david, there is a lot of lobbying. the unions are running ads, don't cut medicare and medicaid. at the same time the defense industry, manufacturers, they're lobbying against cuts. afraid jobs will be lost for the people who make the weapons. the list goes on and on. so how does this shape a potential deal? >> well, there's pressure from both sides. negotiators in congress right now from both parties are trying to find a way to avoid the cliff. that could be a temporary way to do that and come back over tax reform next year. i think what the signs are that the president wants to raise tax rates on the wealthiest 2% of earners, a balanced approach, but the republican party is saying, hey, wait a minute. let's close tax loopholes, close deductions. that's a better way. so i think they are looking for are a path down the middle. >> doug, try to reconcile all of
6:18 am
this. you have "the washington post" which highlighted the number of polls showing people want smaller government but they don't want cuts in any of the entitlement programs. they do want the deficit cuts. you can't have it all, right? >> right. well, if you look at the exit polling, most were supportive of raising rates on the rich and that has been consistent throughout this election season. i'm bullish. i don't know if it's the turkey or the drink or the redskins victory yesterday affecting me here but i'm bullish that there will be a solution. you have three dynamics here at play. you have a president who is significantly stronger, i think, speaker boehner is stronger inside of his conference. you have republican governors, people like bill kristol who seem to be saying positive things, encouraging things on tax rates which provide a permission slip for republican legislators to be supportive. and then i think the tone inside of washington is markedly
6:19 am
different than a year and a half ago on both sides. >> it can all come down to the wording, though, robert, and one of the sticking points remains revenue versus taxes. "the new york times" reports negotiators are looking heavily at the idea of making the wealthy pay more by eliminating their deductions. then you keep the rates the same. so is this a solution that might make everyone happy? democrats say they raise taxes on the wealthy. >> yes, that's exactly what happened in 1991. it's a word game but the end result you are getting revenue. alex, to go back for a second, this is very important. having this conversation about both sides inflicting some pain, if you will, is a good thing. that's really what the art of negotiation is about is that both sides are giving something up. i agree 1,000% when that doug said a moment ago. the tone has changed dramatically since november 6 with speaker boehner actually being more conciliatory towards the democrats and the president and also the president also saying, too, that i'm willing to work with this house. i'm willing to work with the senate and so forth.
6:20 am
i think that's a significant step forward. >> of course there's grover norquist. they say he is losing his grip and calling him a has-been. is he still relevant? >> he is relevant and will be relevant. you see where the president wanted his mandate to sort of use his approach, that some republicans are signaling that they are not going to be aligned so closely, senator chambliss said i love my country more than grover norquist. some will not sign this no tax pledge. so there is some sense maybe his influence will wane a little bit. i think he'll be an influential player down the road. >> i'm sorry to cut this short. i want to thank you for your time nonetheless. we will see you guys again. thank you. >> thank you. still ahead, this partisan rush. what is the outlook for compromise when a majority of states will be under single party control?
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giving you a look at these new protests happening right now in cairo's tahrir square. supporters and opponents of egypt's new president, mohamed morsi, are staging raval rallies after he assumed new powers this week including putting himself above judicialry. president morsi is speaking at the presidential palace saying egypt needs to stay unified. also, some new video to share this hour. walmart workers protesting in it landover, maryland. hundreds of employees have planned protests over low wages and benefits. well, this was the scene in los angeles wednesday night.
6:25 am
you are about to see these miles and miles upon traffic literally stuck on the 405 freeway, a very ugly start to the holiday travel season. look at all those red and white christmas colors. no, not so much. and whether you are about to head back home after traveling for the holiday or stayed at home, chances are you still have some travel slated before the year's end and if you don't there might be reason to get away. so joining me now is brian kelly founder of the brian, i'm glad to have you here as we talk about a survey from trip advise aror. here is what it found, over a third of the country would travel for thanksgiving and now some folks saying i have to look ahead to the holidays and we have seen great deals for thanksgiving but does that continue through december? >> cyber monday is a huge day for travel deals. a lot more people are hitting the road and air travel this week was awesome. it was great weather across the country. barring some fog in the midwest. it was a really smooth day.
6:26 am
don't get stuck in traffic. >> it seems like every day there's some new travel site out there. can you help us get through the bad ones to get to the good ones? >> a ton of different deals. is this actual ly a good deal o not? i like the sites that have real life humans scouring the web and, you know, tweeting and blogging about the different deals, airfare watchdog is awesome. there's a new one, the flight which has real experts looking every day and trying to identify the best absolute fares. i always recommend to people don't expect other people to do your dirty work for you. do it yourself. the ita matrix software is a site owned by google and allows you to search by cal endar for the cheapest fares on different routes. if you are flexible you can save a ton. >> but when we look at carriers and what they're offering out there, a lot of people are concerned with the way they have cut their flights, packing them
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in. seeing an em>>telly: seat on a flight is almost just null and void. >> it's very rare, yes. airlines have cut back on capacity. that doesn't mean that they're still not willing to discount and run fare sales. there were awesome deals and the great thing is airlines are copycats. chances are most of the other majors will match it even if they're not advertising it. >> but do you find those airlines run those sales to the places that the most people want to travel to? you have to say sometimes a destination -- i'm a big jetblue and virgin america, i fly them all the time. i don't want to go where you've offered those sales. >> you do actually. sometimes airlines do run sales on routes no one really wants to go to. you'd be surprised. what you have to realize, are airlines only 0 advertise a small portion of the routes. a lot of it is playing around on the internet and finding sales on the routes you want to fly in. chances are if you search enough
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and get on twitter, these sales come and go quickly. >> well, brian kelly, good advice. thank you so much. happy that was to you. >> you, too. from travel deals to the hottest holiday toys, up next the ceo of toys 'r' us live in studio to break down this year's must-have items for us. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. ready, set, shop. black friday is officially under way this morning but many stores opened last night on thanksgiving allowing bargain hunt e hunters to get an earlier start than usual on holiday shopping. minnesota's mall of america is no exception with the shoppers swarming the stores there. overall it is estimated black friday sales will be up 3.8% this year and some of the longest lines found at macy's flag ship store. about 11,000 people waited for the doors to open at midnight. so if you are participating in black friday today, by now you have snagged some of the best
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deals out there. toys 'r' us is one of those stores that opened up even earlier than usual. and joining me now after a long night is the ceo of toys 'r' us, the times square store opened up at 8:00 p.m. last night. >> good morning. >> you did it. you went there and how did it do? >> it went great. customers were lined up and they had a great time. the word most often used is fun. it was a fun night. people were celebratory. they were well rested, happy. a lot of people brought their kids. we're a family store. >> do you have any numbers yet to offer in terms of sales? >> keep in mind it's still friday morning. we have a long way to go, a lot of hot deals. and still millions and millions of dollars in sales to do. >> what do you think of those, though, saying, no, no, no, let's stay with our families? is well, look at the crowds and that silences that? >> all of us at toys 'r' us know how important black friday is. we're the place that parents go to buy the toys for their children for christmas.
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so as soon as one holiday is over, we're focused on the next black friday. there are signs up, how many days until black friday? we love it. it is our time of year. >> if it is a place to make it a family affair it is toys 'r' us. bring the kids and have a good time. what are the kids looking for? these are what you anticipate to be hot sellers? >> this is tabio, a tablet from toys 'r' us that comes preloaded with 50 kids apps like angry birds or cut the rope along with learning apps for $149.99, it gives your child their own tablet so they don't have to borrow your ipad. >> and what's the age? >> from 3 on up. some kids play with it -- >> 3 and 2-year-olds you worry about dropping. >> it is durable, has a big, fat bumper so it won't break. >> we mentioned angry birds. >> angry birds is a hot franchise in general. this is angry birds, star wars, jenga. it guynes three things in one.
6:34 am
very hot games. you play angry birds in a physical spate here and virtually on 0 the tablet. >> this is girls, sort of friends, legos. >> one of the hottest brands out there. for years they said girls wouldn't play with legos. when they got it right, they got it right big time. it is fantastic and is flying off the shelves. >> there's a lot of pink there. >> a lot of pink, dolls, horses, everything girls like and they love to construct just like boys. >> i know a few girls that love playing pirate, too. >> for a younger child, this is jake's pirate ship. this is bucky, the pirate ship from the popular disney jr. show. this is one of the hottest toys. kids love that tv show and everything associated with it. >> you know what i love? tigger. >> everyone loves tigger. he's $19.99 by the way until
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10:00 p.m. tonight. that's half price for tigger today. >> will you sell out? how do you estimate what the crowds are going to like? i know that's a whole science but do you ever run out and feel bad? >> we try to be in stock on our hot stores all the way through christmas. we have more buyers focused on the market anywhere in the world. we are in 36 countries studying which toys are hot and which are not. toys do run out. this is a great time to shop right now when they're not too scarce. >> jerrod storchs good luck to you. these are all bestsellers i can tell. this is for my executive producer. will this be the season for job seekers as well? up next your holiday hiring outlook, plus, beyond 2012 after a rough and tumble election year, what does the future hold for both parties? [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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taking you right now to egypt, there you see the effects of some tear gas from police in tahrir square. protesters gathered. they're mostly gathering to protest egyptian president morsi's self-inflicted furthering of powers. he has said that he is going to extend the power that he has there throughout egypt, and many are opposing that today in tahrir square. we'll get you more pictures as soon as we can. the post election euphoria or disappointment is slowing down. both democrats and republicans are looking to the future for ways to strengthen their respective parties. joining me now is msnbc political analyst and georgetown professor and senior editor from "reason" magazine. hello, gentlemen. glad of you beth oth on this da
6:40 am
after. thank you. there's been a lot of gop soul-searching after president obama won re-election, but should democrats be concerned, too? especially if you look at the state legislatures and governors houses where according to "the new york times" at least 24 states will be completely controlled by republicans, both with legislatures and governships. what does that say for democrats? >> it's a great point. i think, first of all, it suggests we have to be vigilant, that we can't take politics as a federal level reality. we have to talk about state level and talk about local levels because that's where a lot of stuff gets done. that's where a lot of bills get passed. where a lot of referendums, say on gay marriage or legalizing marijuana for medical use, or the use of certain kinds of paradigms for bills gets passed. so you have to be able to talk about the local level and democrats have to be vigilant here and concerned about the fact that even though nationally the vision of president obama carried the day.
6:41 am
the weight of his agenda is on resources to vulnerable populations in a time of crisis and not the gifts that mitt romney remarked upon. it is how to address legislators that are controlled by republicans, the compromises, reaching across the aisle, as well as promoting an agenda that takes care of those who are the most vulnerable. so if the democrats cannot rest upon the laurels of president obama in terms of executing their vision. >> peter, there was this interesting article in "the wall street journal" from former rnc chair who is pushing his party to support same sex marriage. here is what he writes. what could be more conservative than support for more freedom and less government and what is more basic than the right to marry the one you love? so do you think the republican party needs to change on same sex marriage for that reason?
6:42 am
the party that has favored less regulations on businesses finally figure out that fewer regulations on personal lives and marriages and who can marry who, that's a good thing for the party. a good thing for people. as that piece that you just read says, this is a sort of core freedom issue, about keeping the government out of your personal life, and about making fewer rules rather than more. that's something that the republican party can support and should. >> but, peter, do you think it's an issue of softening the party's tone or comprehensive changes to the platform? >> i think it will start by softening the tone. we're not going to see change immediately overnight where two years from now every republican will be making stirring speeches in favor of gay marriage but a decade from now i bet we will see very, very little staunch opposition from republicans to
6:43 am
gay marriage. they're going to say it's a state issue and states should decide it. and that's -- and they're right. this is something republicans can change on and can win by changing on. >> okay, michael. let's get to fiscal cliff discussion. there are democrats who worry president obama will go too far to try to reach an agreement with republicans and we've seen labor groups out with their tv ads urging all the lawmakers to stand their ground, protect social security and medicare. do you think voters need to worry about this? >> of course. president obama has a bit of swag, shall we call it that, going into this new term. you've been overwhelmingly approved by the american people, now stand for them. represent their interests. use your bully pulpit in a way, in a positive way. president obama has reached across the aisle in such, i
6:44 am
think, enthusiastic fashion he especially at the beginning of his first term only to have his hand barked at by and bitten by the republican reaction that was repugnant, sorry for those alliterations but the reality is there was a resistance to his agenda and his desire to reach across the aisle to work in a bipartisan fashion so now be chastened by that memory and defend those who voted for you yet again. the vulnerable are more important than the republicans. the republicans will have to deal with the pressure of the public to do the right thing and to not let us go over this fiscal cliff but in the interests of the american public that he represents president obama must stand up for them and i think labor is right to say, look, we should not compromise away the very basic fundamental structure of our entitlements and not entitlements in a nasty way but that people work for, that they paid into. when returning gis got the gi bill that was an entitlement but nobody saw that as a handout or a giveaway. it was earned by them on a field
6:45 am
of battle, so the reality is those americans who have been on the fields of battle economically, socially, politically and racially must now be rewarded for that, and i think the president has to stand up for them. >> peter, can i ask you about the banks that are lobbying congress to protect newly elected senator elizabeth warren from sitting on the banking committee? she is a tough consumer advocate. what are your thoughts on this? >> well, you know, she has been quite oppositional to the banks not just advocating for consumers but basically been in open war with the banks. so i think it's understandable banks will be opposed here. just because banks are for or against something i think we need to remember that doesn't necessarily make it good or bad. i mean, big banks for the financial industry supported president obama in 2008 over john mccain and so, you know, the financial industry, it's a little bit funny. they're getting what they bought here. >> yeah. peter and michael, by the way, i loved the alliteration so it's
6:46 am
all good. thank you, guys, so much. well, weigh all know that spending money is part of the holidays. but for more and more people it's about making money, too. 36% of retailers plan to hire additional staff this holiday season. that's up from 29% last year, and increasingly more and are more of those jobs are becoming permanent which is usually the hope. joining me now is michael irwin, senior career adviser with hello, michael. >> good morning. >> so there is an argument that the holidays are the best time of year to find a new job. do you agree with that? >> this is a great time. we're become to prerecession levels and 40% of the companies say they are going to transition these people into full-time jobs, so this is a great way to get your foot in the door and turn it into something for 2013. >> okay, your report, let's get to the details of that which find the bulk of the hiring in customer service. what other industries are hiring? >> customer service is the top. then you're going to see retail sales, of course. hospitality. a lot of offices need people to
6:47 am
come in during the holidays so they're hiring on temporary workers and finally shipping. we continue to buy things nonstop online and we need people to deliver them. you see companies such as ups adding more people. >> what about geography? you've given us the companies there that are bulking up with staffs but geography, is there any part of the country working better than others? >> the good news is it's across the country but we're seeing the large metropolitan areas, los angeles, new york, chicago, atlanta, philadelphia, those are definitely going to be some of the hotter spots for adding jobs interest for the holiday season. >> so many people are just trying 0 to get into the work place by starting the holiday hire but they are hoping it becomes permanent. what's the best advice you can give people to ensure that happens? >> don't see it as just a temporary position. go out there and treat it like it's a full-time position. let the employer know you want to stay on. take on additional responsibilities. treat it as that long-term job interview. it's going to help you get a better job in 2013. >> absolutely. on the job experience there and
6:48 am
they can get a good look at you. appreciate it. up next, the reverend and why he wants you to stop shopping this black friday. wasn't my daughter's black bean soup spectacular? [ man thinking ] oh, this gas. those antacids aren't working. oh no, not that, not here! [ male announcer ] antacids don't relieve gas. gas-x is designed to relieve gas. gas-x. the gas xperts.
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let's check now on the answers to our twitter question. with black friday underbe way, what do you hope to get for the holidays. we have a couple we'll share to you. was hoping for a new ipad mini but apple didn't put those on sale. braden 27 was hoping for win being the powerball, lol. i agree with both of those tweets. the holiday shopping frenzy did kick off early this morning. not everyone is ready to shop till they drop. some are protesting the holiday consumerism. joining me now is one such man. that is billy callen.
6:52 am
he's also known as reverend billy from the church of stop shopping. it's a character you have created. why did you go there? what is it about this that makes you say i need to get out there and be public here? >> it was a character i created ten years ago with the stop shopping people that i work with. i've gradually become this character. i can't stop myself. last night at macy's, we were at the front door preaching and sipping. we have a 40 chorus choir. we tried to slow down the consumption. >> did it work? do you get frustrated? all we're seeing is that black friday push, people running into stores. >> we're hearing that people are online. there are now early discount sales at best buy, so forth. people are outmaneuvering black friday. it's still a problem, the carbons emissions on black friday are 50 times the average
6:53 am
the studies indicate. it's a bad problem. >> you're okay with the online shopping? you would be all right with folks spending their times in front of their computers doing their thing? is that what you propose? >> we have a 1,000 mile hurricane sandy, we're talking about little else for three weeks, haven't you. there's a message from sandy. that is, we have to change our lives. that is a more radical change than going to computers and having the ups truck deliver it instead of getting up on the highway yourself. it is very carbon intense to get into the traffic jams to buy things that are sweatshop products that came 3,000 miles from china. the marketing, the packaging, that's all oil and gas derived. that's bad for the earth. we have to change. we have to stop being consumers. >> but the reality is that's not going to happen. >> here it comes. the reality. >> come on. think of it. >> i have the faith.
6:54 am
alex. >> that having been said, you're also looking at this in a macro picture. when you look micro, look from house to house. what about all those folks who don't have jobs who are getting out there, job hunting. they want to work part time holiday shopping, sales, things like that. tough to buy for their families. there's all kinds of things whether it's a hurricane sandy event or losing a job whether it hits a house hard. >> our consumer society is so concentric that we have to change. last year 900 tornadoes, floods, fires, tsunamis. last yul the hottest july on record. now hurricane sandy. she's talking to us. she is talking to us. we have to be macro. we got politicians to say the phrase climate change. we have to make a change. that change is taking place. there's a quiet revolution. people are going to sustainable local economies, ma and pa
6:55 am
stores, swap and thrift, repair it, don't necessarily throw it away as quickly. we are doing that. it's not getting reported in the news. >> i get what you're saying. there is a palpable change. i have to take a look at your own website because on your website you have a link to your book that sells for almost 23 bucks, $22.95. it links to your musical cd documentary. >> hypocrisy. amen. >> come on. well, we are in the real world. i'm not in vermont with a compost heap. we lead groups against the local walmart and lead groups to inspire people. if we have enough money we put the choir on that jet with us. jets ee met c o2 emissions with jets. we have to be in the world with
6:56 am
this message but we have contradictions. >> absolutely. so is the message more not about such a black and white stark image despite the image you create there but happy gray middle ground? compromise? isn't that the phrase of the day or the season? >> well, sandy's talking to us. sandy lewia. she says you have to get closer to the black and white. you have to move a little bit farther. her message is reverend billy is maybe you can't get on those jets as much. we have to change more than we've been changing. we have to change at a faster rate than we've been changing. we haven't changed like this in the united states for a long time. we don't have the national leadership telling us we have to change how we live our lives. >> we're getting that from you. we're getting that from you, reverend billy talen. >> thank you for talking to me. straight ahead, everyone, on a completely different note. we have gunfire in gaza.
6:57 am
we have live reports in your region coming to you at the top of the hour on nsnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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